Roles and mandate

The Regional Table for Integrated Resource and Territory Management of the Outaouais (TRGIRTO) brings together close to twenty partners representing the various sectors of activity and interests in public land. Its roles and mandate are to:


  • Take into account the interests and concerns of users of the forest area when developing PAFIs
  • Ensure a consultation process within the framework of the development of the PAFIs
  • Contribute to the planning and implementation of integrated forest management



Collaborate with the Forest, Wildlife and Parks Ministry (MFFP) in the development of PAFI

  • by promoting the concertation of local actors and the harmonization of uses
  • by transmitting the concerns and aspirations of the local communities to the Forest Management Branch of the MFFP
  • by identifying the consensual objectives of protection and development of the resources and the land
  • by proposing measures to harmonize uses
  • participating in the development of tactical and operational integrated forest management plans (PAFI) for the development of resources in the forests of the State domain

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