Interactive Map

You wish to see where will be conducted the current forestry operations this year?

The goal of the interactive map is to make available information related to different versions of the Operational Integrated Forest Management Plan (PAFI). In the map application you will find a wealth of information on the forest, wildlife and land that is public domain in the Outaouais.

Follow these easy steps to find the information

You already know the name of the forestry operation area

  1. Go to the page Calendar of the forestry operations and use the Search by forestry operation area tool. You will be able to check if any forestry operations will be conducted in the coming weeks.

You don’t know the name of the forestry operation area

  1. In this case, you must first consult the Interactive map. But before you launch the application, take a few minutes to read carefully the User’s Guide. This will enhance your experience with the web mapping application and it will help you to find what you are looking for.
  2. Once you’ve launched the application, localize yourself using visual elements of the map or use the Search tool in the top left corner of the window. Use the Zoom tool to get closer..
  3. When you find your site of interest (a lake, a cottage, a canoe circuit, a VTT trail, etc.), see if there are any polygons from the Programme annuelle (PRAN) com layer or the PRAN non commercial layer.
  4. If polygons of either layer are visible on the screen near your site of interest, you can click with your mouse on a polygon. A small pop up window will open in which you will find the name of the forestry operation area.
  5. Go back on the main website and go to the page Calendar of the forestry operations. You can now use the Search by forestry operation area tool.


  User's Guide
  Forestry operations legend

Data Sources


Ministry of Natural Resources, 2013-2014
Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks, 2013-2014

Please note that some layers of information have undergone geomatic processing to optimize display. 
This process has resulted in certain visual inaccuracies. The optimized layers are:

  • Sectors for Potential Intervention (SIP) Commercial
  • Annual Forestry Operations Plan (PRAN)
  • Forestry Roads
  • Structured Wildlife Areas (TFS)
  • Deer yards
  • Protected Areas
  • Projected sites of interest
  • Management Unit

PLEASE NOTE that the data contained in the interactive map tool is not legally binding. 

Technical needs

What navigators work best with the interactive map?

For best display results, the following navigators are recommended :

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet explorer 9 +

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