The Outaouais Regional Integrated Resource and Land Management Table (TRGIRTO) is looking for an organisation DEDICATED TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND PROTECTION to fill one of the Nature Group seats at the table.

The principal roles and mandate of the TRGIRTO are:


  • To take into account the interests and concerns of public land users in the preparation of integrated forest management plans (PAFI)
  • To ensure collaboration in the integrated forest management planning process
  • To contribute to the planning and implementation of integrated forest management


To collaborate with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) in the preparation of PAFIs

  • by promoting cooperation between users and harmonisation of uses;
  • by communicating the concerns and expectations of local communities to the Forest Management Branch of the MFFP;
  • by identifying shared goals for the protection and development of resources and land-use;
  • by proposing measures for harmonized use.

TRGIRTO is formed of six (6) sector groups in which are grouped the principal partners representing the various sectors of activities and interests on public territory.

Applicant organizations must identify a person who will sit as their representative at TRGIRTO and a substitute. The mandate of this partner will end on December 31, 2019.

The business place of the organization dedicated to environmental conservation and protection must be located in the Outaouais region. In addition, applications from the representative of the organization and its successor must be supported by a resolution of its board of directors or any other official document. You must attach a copy of one of these documents to your form.


Complete the nomination form in pdf format or online.

To submit your application by email, send the nomination form and the resolution of your board of directors to:



Mr. Raymond Barrette, ing.f.                                  Deadline for submitting your application:

Coordinator of TRGIRTO                                           21 October, 2018

MRC of Pontiac

(819) 648-5689 ext. 248